Joe Turkel and the Griffith Observatory

This morning we all traveled to Santa Monica to the restaurant Jack’s on Montana. They were the very generous hosts of our next interview – actor Joe Turkel.

Joe played Lloyd the barman in The Shining, and has the honour of being only one of two people to have appeared in three films directed by Stanley Kubrick. Joe was wonderful – full of wit, good humour and wonderful and interesting stories about working with Stanley, Jack Nicholson and the British crews at Elstree. He clearly continues to think of Stanley fondly and we all felt so sad when he told us that he never saw him again after the end of the film.

Joe was very generous with his time and so enthusiastic, and it really rubbed off on all the team. We all felt as if we had been a part of something special and unique this morning.

We really wanted to make the most of our last day in Los Angeles, so we got a cab up to the famous Griffith Observatory. We arrived just in time to see the most incredible sunset over Hollywood and Los Angeles, so we took lots and lots of photos! Finally we finished the evening with a drink (mine’s a root beer)…

Tomorrow we go to San Franciso!