Looking Back…

Last week’s trip to America was an absolutely incredible experience which I won’t ever forget. I wasn’t expecting to do half the things we did during the trip in my lifetime, and am endlessly grateful to everyone that helped to make such an awe-inspiring trip a reality.

LA_Burbank15 Flying out to America seemed extremely daunting but when we arrived in Los Angeles, and later in San Francisco, I don’t think I could’ve felt any more at home. Before the trip, I had never visited America before despite wanting to, so I loved every aspect of exploring California; browsing in the quirky shops in Burbank, walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visiting the Griffith Observatory and taking a guided tour over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. But undoubtedly, I was most looking forward to filming the interviews!

LA_Burbank14 LA_Burbank13 LA_Burbank11 LA_Burbank9 LA_Burbank8 LA_Burbank6

The fascinating interviews with Steven Spielberg, Joe Turkel and Walter Murch were all absolutely amazing in their own right. As looking back on them now feels so surreal, that I question myself whether they have actually happened, I’m elated that I’ll be able to relive the experience through what was filmed, and can’t wait for them to be shared with everyone!

LA_ObservatorySunset LA_ObservatorySunset13 SF SF_14 SF_10 SF_6

The interviews were so gratifying not only because of the fantastic interviewees, but also because of the whole crew. I feel so privileged to have shared this experience with a lovely group of such hard working individuals, who are all so passionate about film making. Thank you all for making shooting, and the trip in general, so memorable and enjoyable! (I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in ages!)

SF_1 When writing this blog post I was struck by a sense of pride over what has been achieved by the team as well as an abundance of sadness that it is all over…

So… Same time, next year, everyone?

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