The Elstree Project on BBC News tomorrow

Tomorrow is quite a busy day for us!

Paul Welsh is going to be speaking on the BBC Radio 5 breakfast show, and Howard will be speaking to BBC Radio Ulster, Shropshire and BBC London.

BBC Breakfast News on BBC One will also show a clip from our Elstree Project interview with Steven Spielberg, and the BBC Six O’Clock News will be showing a longer report, including an interview with me and a clip from our Elstree Project interview with Sir Roger Moore.

Finally, there are still tickets left to our documentary screening in Hatfield, at 7:30pm!

We would really like to thank Elstree Studios, BBC Elstree Centre, Nigel Craze and Lizo Mzimba for their help and for filming the TV news report today; and Melanie Fanstone and Roberto Perrone for their support.

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