Farewell Brian Clemens

We are very sad to have been told of the passing of Brian Clemens. Brian was one of the most prolific writers for British television, and was largely responsible for the much loved tone and style of The Avengers – especially during the iconic Emma Peel years.

Brian also created The Professionals and co-created The New Avengers, as well as writing for various TV series including The Baron, The Persuaders!, The Protectors, Danger Man, The Invisible Man, Bergerac, Perry Mason and Diagnosis: Murder. Brian was also writer for many productions by Danziger’s New Elstree Studios, and also wrote for Hammer films.

Brian gave his support and time to The Elstree Project and is featured in our documentary film From Borehamwood to Hollywood, through clips from the oral history interview he gave to us, as well as the short documentary we made about the making of The Avengers at ABPC Studios – called Diabolical Masterminds (link). We are hugely grateful to Brian and send our love and support to his wife Janet and their family. Brian Clemens, 1931 – 2015.

Photo of Brian in his conservatory, © 2012 The Elstree Project

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