A brand new documentary, made by TheCurators! Productions for the University of Hertfordshire, and featuring exclusive content from The Elstree Project. From Borehamwood to Hollywood: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Elstree tells the story of 100 years of filmmaking in Elstree and Borehamwood.



The premiere took place on Saturday 4th October 2014 at The Ark Theatre, Borehamwood.    Over 450 people attended. The next screening will be at the University of Hertfordshire, Weston Auditorium, on November 13th at 19:30.  This event will include a Q&A.  Tickets are £7.50 (5.00 concessions).  You can book here:


Q: Where can I see the film?

A: We are currently organising cinema and theatre screenings, which will always been listed here and on our Facebook page.


Q: I’d like to arrange a screening of the film where I live.  Can I do this?

A: Yes! If you want the film to be screened, then please contact us using our contact form on this website.


Q: Can I watch the film on the internet?

A: We will be releasing the film, for free, online from December 1st.


Q: Will there be a DVD release?

A: No. Because of the rights agreements we have, we are not going to release the film on DVD.  We are committed to being a non-commercial project, and the film is part of that commitment.


Q: Why did you make the film?

A: To celebrate the centenary of filmmaking in Elstree and Borehamwood. The story of the towns’ studios has rarely been told, and the fact that we already had an archive of over 40 interviews made us best placed to make the film.


Q: Who made the film?

A: The interviews for the film were filmed as part of The Elstree Project.  A script was then written, along with an outline of the story of the studios, and additional content – shot especially for the documentary – was then written and filmed.  We sourced archive material to compliment the story, and then everything was edited together.  The film is a product of Howard Berry’s research practice, under his production name of “TheCurators! Productions”.  The work is a co-production in partnership with Elstree Screen Heritage and the University of Hertfordshire.


Q: How did you meet X (name of interviewee)?

A: Through our own friends, contacts, or by contacting agents.


Q: I’ve seen X is in your film.  Can you give me their contact information please?

A: Sorry but we treat all of our contributors’ personal information with the utmost privacy.  We are happy to pass on your contact information to the person you wish to speak to, but we can not give theirs out in return.

Crew information:

Visit the IMDb page for crew and cast information here.