The team

So who is responsible for all of this? Initially the project was undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire, with the assistance of the Kubrick Estate.  After the first few interviews, we worked with Elstree Screen Heritage to interview several more Kubrick crew members.  This partnership worked so well we decided to formalise it into The Elstree Project.  Between 2010-2016 the University and Elstree Screen Heritage worked in a formal partnership to record many interviews, and we gratefully acknowledge the expertise, knowledge and access grated to us by Paul Welsh MBE and Elstree Screen Heritage.

We also gratefully acknowledge the access grated to us by both BBC Elstree Centre and Elstree Studios, to record on their property and their continued support of the project.

The project is now run by Howard Berry, at the University of Hertfordshire. Howard is Programme Leader of the MA Film and Television Production degree, and Principal Lecturer and Head of Post-Production for the BA Film and Television Production degree.  Howard is also a consultant to Warner Brothers and works closely with the Stanley Kubrick estate.