Walter Murch and our Return to London

It’s 15:30 at San Francisco airport and we are just having a last team meal before our flight.

This morning, we had the honour of being guests in the home of Walter Murch – the Oscar winning editor of Apocalypse Now, The Godfather Trilogy and The English Patient.

Walter spoke to us for over an hour about his time directing Return to Oz at Elstree Studios and we had a wonderful time. Afterwards Walter and his lovely wife showed us a short film of the “Droid Olympics” featuring a young George Lucas and a young Brad Bird!



So we leave California with a lot of happy memories and a lot of success. To have recorded interviews with Steven Spielberg, Joe Turkel and Walter Murch in one trip has been such a privilege and an honour and we owe so many people a lot of thanks:

Firstly, we clearly owe each of our interviewees a very big thank you for sharing their personal memories and spending their time with us.

We also need to thank Kristie and her team at Amblin/Dreamworks – particularly Mary who looked after us on the day; the staff at Jack’s on Montana who allowed us to take over their restaurant; and Walter and his wife for allowing us to take over their living room.

Jan Harlan and Lee Unkrich for helping us to get in touch with our interviewees and helping to arrange to meet them.

And the people who helped finance our trip – Julie Newlan, Judy Glasman, Chris McIntyre, Paul Upson, Steven Adams from the University of Hertfordshire and Michael Palmer. We also owe Chris Wilding thanks for making all the hotel and airline bookings for us.