The Elstree Project interviews film star Simon Pegg at Elstree Studios

Yesterday we visited Elstree Studios to record an interview with actor Simon Pegg – star of the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises.

We had a great time talking about the filming of The World’s End – the final film in the unofficial “Cornetto trilogy” – which was made locally in Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City, and used Elstree Studios for the studio based filming.  Three pub interiors were recreated on the stages at Elstree, including the titular pub at the climax of the film.

Simon also worked on a new film, still yet to be released, called Man Up at the studios.  A recurring theme for Simon appears to be the filming of scenes set in toilets at Elstree – he’s filmed three so far!  We joked that he should convince JJ Abrams to film a Death Star toilet scene at Elstree with Simon as the Stormtrooper attendant – after all, it wouldn’t be a “true” Star Wars film if it didn’t have at least one scene shot at Elstree Studios!

Simon was a wonderful guest and his genuine love and passion for film history really came across in the interview.  A big thank you to Simon for his time and for being part of the project, and to Claire Finbow and Dawn Sedgwick who were wonderful in helping us arrange the filming with Simon.  As always, we owe the staff of Elstree Studios our thanks and gratitude for providing us with the perfect location for filming.

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