Our first day in LA.

Our first day in LA got off to a good start! We were all up super early (as I think we were still slightly on UK time) & had a lovely breakfast provided by the hotel to get us ready for planning, prepping & practising with the equipment.

The group all worked together to set up & check the filming equipment. After a few hiccups were sorted (including the mini crisis of having no batteries for the sound recorder.. eek!), we started to feel ready for our big & super important first interview tomorrow! All our job roles are set & we brainstormed on ideas for the interview questions. Now we just have to get there, not be late & most importantly – have fun & make the most of what is an utterly fantastic opportunity for The Elstree Project!

We then decided to go for a stroll through Burbank & came across an awesome sweet shop with a plethora of goodies that we will definitely stock up on before we head back to the UK! By this time, we definitely needed more food & found a lovely cafe called ‘Romancing the Bean’ where we all had some super yummy, & typically American, grilled cheese “sammies” before eating some of the tastiest gelato we’ve ever had for dessert! 🙂

After another wander through the city taking photos & enjoying the atmosphere, we ended up heading to a sports bar for some massive plates of yummy grilled & deep-fried food! All suitably stuffed, we’re back at the hotel & ready to get some much needed sleep in order for us to be on our best form tomorrow!