Monthly Archives: December 2013

At the airport

20131214-070035.jpg We're at the airport! Waiting on George to join the queue to check in his bag (he's having issues scanning his passport!), the rest of us are now sitting down to have breakfast....
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Eve of the trip!

It's five hours to go until the taxi arrives to take us to the airport. Most of the packing is done though I am worried about whether the boom pole will fit in a suitcase. If challenged I shall claim it's a walking stick and limp noticeably about the airport. The benefit of flying to the USA is that we gain time on the flight, which means we can fly 11 hours and arrive only three hours after taking off. I intend to use the time to write some more questions for my interviews and - perhaps - getting a bit of extra sleep. Speaking of which......
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Less than a week to go

On Saturday, we are flying off - very early in the morning - from Heathrow to Los Angeles!  We're going there to film a series of interviews with notable cast and crew members who worked at Elstree, but mainly live and work in California. We will be in Los Angeles until the 19th and then we fly to San Francisco, before returning to Heathrow on the 23rd... just in time for Christmas! The crew will all be contributing to this blog as we go along, and we hope to post up some interesting stories from our adventures....
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