What a day..

Today we woke up very early to get to our first interview.. with Steven Spielberg!

I don’t think any of us can explain the excitement/nerves we felt when driving up to the gates of Universal Studios! After receiving our passes, we travelled through to the wonderful Amblin Entertainment where we were guided through to the magnificent screening room to set up. After about 40mins of setting up & testing things were working, the lovely Mary (one of Mr Spielberg’s assistants) brought him through. To say we were awestruck is a massive understatement! He came & shook all our hands, asked our names & talked to us about being film students.

We were told that we would only have 30mins with him.. but he clearly enjoyed reminiscing about Elstree Studios & pushed things as far as he could before another assistant needed to take him away to his next meeting! He gave such detailed & passionate answers.. we all just ended up sitting there & gazing at him! Before he left, he shook all our hands again. I said “Thank you so much, that was amazing”, to which he replied, “Thank you, it was lots of fun!”.. Well, what can you say?! This is definitely an experience that will be hard to beat!

For the rest of the day we have relaxed as we’ve definitely remained quite dazed after the morning’s experience! We also bought loads of taffy from the sweet shop.. but we weren’t that keen!

Tomorrow we are off to do all the tourist stuff before our next interview on Wednesday, so expect lots of cheesy photos to come!







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  1. Sandra

    You are all soooo lucky ! i wish i could be with you right now ! hahaha